A Message to Our Members

Recently, there have been a lot of rumors circulating about the demise of KCnet. We’d like to assure you that they are simply not true. We are absolutely still operating, and, in fact, expanding. We see a bright future ahead, not a dark ending. There are a few of these "statements" circulating that we’d like to address specifically:

MYTH: KCnet is no longer in business.
FACT: KCnet is most definitely in business. While we do admit there were some times where the future was uncertain, we believe that the company is well on the way to a full recovery.

MYTH: KCnet has furloughed all employees.
FACT: While some employees were either terminated or their positions were eliminated last year, by no means have all employees been furloughed. In fact, we’ve recently begun hiring again.

MYTH: KCnet is "going under" and won’t be around for long.
FACT: KCNet is undergoing a financial restructuring and have engaged the best professionals to guide us through this process. The ship is by no means sinking.

MYTH: The KCnet Board of Directors is being held personally responsible for KCnet debt.
FACT: The Board is no way being asked to pay anything on behalf of KCnet. KCnet currently has a healthy positive net worth, and if any collection efforts were to occur, corporate assets would be attached first. However, KCnet is negotiating in good faith with all creditors and fully intends to satisfy any outstanding accounts.

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